I had my first formal coaching session today - on the squash court. I have been playing for about 18 months, picking up bits and pieces of advice from the pro at our club, and from other players, and improving fairly quickly (a genetic advantage of highly trainable muscles and great hand/eye co-ordination). However, in the past few months it had become clear to me that my progress had stalled. My lack of progress was reducing my enjoyment of the game. It was also increasing the likelihood of injury as I compensated for poor technique with increased effort. 

One hour on the court with the pro and I can already see the difference. Oh. My. Goodness. I can't wait to get out on the court again and put it all into practice. I can't wait for my next coaching session. 

All of which made me wonder why it is that we don't use coaches more often, in more areas of our lives? Going back to the post of yesterday, maybe our motivation is lacking - we really don't want to improve that much? Maybe our ability to find a coach is lacking - after where do you go to look for coaching on marriage, or leadership, or parenting, or diet, or getting managing your depression? Maybe it's too expensive to pay for coaching?

Here's my commitment - I need to find someone to coach me as a professional speaker/coach/consultant. 

In what area of your life could you benefit from the services of a coach? What's stopping you getting one? Can I help you?