Today I spent 3 hours poring over spreadsheets, putting together the first draft of our church's budget. On the scale of things I naturally enjoy and am good at, poring over spreadsheets probably ranks 2 out of 10. The thing is, it is just something I have to do. So, what do we do with those things in our work, or lives, which we have to do, but which, for whatever reason, we really don't enjoy?

Here's at least part of the answer - find a way to create the conditions for doing the job that will help you engage and do it well. For me, I have found over the years that I can do pretty much any job, no matter how boring, if I am doing it with someone else (particularly if that someone is good company). I have also found that I have to do such jobs at a time of day when I have lots of energy, say early to mid morning, because these jobs drain me of energy like nobodies business. The final thing I have learned is that I need to find a physical context that will help me keep my energy and engagement high. So my 3 hours with spreadsheets happened with a great colleague, starting in mid morning and finishing up in our local restaurant. Great person, good time, helpful context. 

So what do you need to do those things you don't enjoy, but have to do?