Many years ago a marvellous lady, Edith Schaeffer, introduced me to the idea that life was a tapestry (she went on to write a book by that name). As she explained it to me we are all threads on a giant, divine tapestry being woven together in a perfect, intricate, eternal design. However, we don’t see how the threads all connect or the pattern they form. It is like we are looking at the back of the tapestry, full of loose threads and with unclear designs. One day however, and this we have to take on faith, we will see how all the threads join up to form the final tapestry. Then we’ll finally see clearly the significance of all the seemingly chance meetings in our lives. We’ll know that in this tapestry of life there are no random encounters. Why is the metaphor so powerful? Let me illustrate.

Today I met 4 guys for lunch. One of the men decided he wanted to draw this group of his friends together. We only had the one friend in common. However, as we talked, there was a great sense that in fact there was much more in common, much more going on in our lives, than just one friend. The tapestry metaphor fills me with wonder and expectation in times like these. Nothing more might come of our lunch. But then, who knows what wonderful part of the tapestry our short lunch might become? Who knows how the threads of our lives might be woven together?

Wonder and expectation are two ‘states of being’ that are so common in childhood, but which we loose all to quickly in adulthood. Our lives are greatly diminished by this. I am so grateful to Edith Schaeffer and the gift of her metaphor. It regularly helps me experience such wonder and expectation. 

No accidents. No coincidences. Nothing wasted. All will be made beautiful.

I hope this helps you experience a little awe and expectation today.


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