I was born in a village in Zambia. Most of my early years were spend in Harare, Zimbabwe, while I went to high school and university in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town.  A few experiences in my first couple of years at Medical School convinced me that I didn't want to spend my life as a doctor. I decided I wanted to work more holistically with people and so headed off to study theology in Sydney, Australia. I was ordained as an Anglican minister and have spent nearly 20 leading years serving and leading churches in Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto. 

In my church roles I have been privileged to lead and teach and serve thousands of people. I also began to see the need to help people in their work roles to flourish and become more effective. To equip me to develop the capacity to offer this kind of help I acquired a Master’s Degree in Organisation Dynamics. 


Over these 20 years I have had the privilege to help start numerous organisations, to lead small and large churches, to serve on the board of a variety of organisations and to teach, train and coach leaders of all kinds of organisations - from blue chip investment banks to overseas development organisations to commercial law firms to hospitals to auto-parts manufacturing companies. I have done this kind of work in Australia, South Africa, India, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada.

I could try and tell you a whole lot more impressive stuff about myself, but I tend to find that kind of thing less than appealing or convincing. I'd much rather have a chat with you about how I might be able to help you. Why not give me a call now?