Imagine leading a complex service organisation with 500 employees. Now, imagine that you only pay 7 of those to turn up to work. For the remaining 493 you have to inspire, motivate and organise them to volunteer their time and energy to build the organisation. No money, no status, no career path to motivate. Vision, purpose, community, integrity and humility are the only tools at your disposal. Welcome to my world!

Over the past 20 years of serving and leading complex volunteer organisations, combined with years of academic study on the subject, others tell me I have become a bit of a 'subject matter expert' on the topic of social systems (people working with people). I have a hunch I can help. 

My drive is to make the world a better place, one life at a time. So why organisational leadership development? Well, think about it. Our experience at work each day, which is massively influenced by our managers and leaders, has a very significant impact on the rest of our lives - our family interactions, our physical and mental health, our sense of purpose and significance. Any improvement in the way a manager treats people and runs their business will have a positive effect on the lives not just of their team, but on the families of their team, and therefore on the communities of the families of their team. For good or ill, there is a huge multiplier effect when it comes to the 'all-of-life' impact of bosses!

If you want to be a better boss, to lead a healthier organisation, so that you, your employees, and all your families and communities live better lives, then I'd love to talk about how I can help.